Hi guys, it's Silver. First of all, I would like to apologize to Fluffy for tricking her into thinking that she was no longer a Moonstone, although it might as well be the BEST April Fools Day prank Lily and I have ever pulled. We never really intended to kick her off the site or search for a replacement; we just wanted to find out how much the site actually meant to her. Fluffy, I'm so sorry! I never intended to make you cry! (Confused? Well, you probably didn't read the earlier posts. Here are the links: Grave News, Goodbye Moonstones, and April Fool!). The bottom line is: Fluffy is still a Moonstone. Once a Moonstone, always a Moonstone, as I like to say. Onto the second reason for this blog post: I have finally posted a paper doll! I'm so proud! My drawing style has changed DRASTICALLY since the first attempt, and I really like the way she turned out. I've named her 'Grace' and you can find her by clicking on her name, this link, or you can just go to the Paper Dolls page. I hope you like it; it took a lot of time to finish. Another thing I wanted to let you guys know is that we now have a page of quotes, called Silently Quotable, on which you can find quotes from all the Moonstones, and it is listed under the Randomness page on the menu. CHECK IT OUT!I have, as promised, been working on a series of short story one-shots (500 words each), and you can look forward to those sometime today or tomorrow; I'll be pretty busy with my 2 biology projects, but I promise to get something up on the Short Stories page. I already put up a short story called "The Aces" a while ago, so check that out too. You'll also find some great one-shots by Lily and Ice Cream, and some poems by Lily there too. 
See You Soon!
<3 Silver

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