Hey, I'm sorry this is late, but I couldn't really get on.  Yesterday, my brother got a piece of chicken stuck in his throat.  Luckily, he wasn't actually choking but still.  The idiot swallowed it though, so it was pretty likely for it to happen.  
    I'm studying for my Spanish final right now since its the first one I have.  I'm kind of excited for summer but also kind of nervous because I won't see my friends for a really long time.  Plus, we don't have any plans so far, except some relatives will probably visit so I can still look forward to that.  
  The school dance is coming up so a lot of people were busy these past few weekends looking for a dress, (the moonstones included.  The rules are absolutely ridiculous.  It literally said no limos.  Can you believe that?  We know this isn't a prom.  No need for them to put that.  Who would rent a limo?  
    This summer, since I'm probably not going anywhere, I'll be able to put up more posts. YAY!  

~Ice Cream Out!

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