Hey guys, its Fluffy here! I had some fun for the past 2 days, but i'm kind of getting mad because, we are not going to have school for the FOURTH time and I hate it. I want to have school because i miss seeing all my friends and I'm stuck at hoe with nothing to do. It's very boring at my house, other than the fact that my brother wont stop asking to go play football with his friends...IN THE SNOW!! I mean, who would do that when it is freezing cold?!?! But, amazingly I'm not the one thats crazy (I hope). But, my grandparents complain that I'm rubbing off on everyone. Who knows? I might just rub of on you! If you want me to rub off on you, then comment on this status!!
By the way, What are you guys u to and if you live in GA or anywhere where your school was closed for days that you wanted to kill the "monkeys" that run your county. or anytime that you wanted to kill anyone.
Ice Cream
1/12/2011 08:54:17

FYI, you big idiot! They cancelled school because the roads are covered in ice in different parts of the county even if the roads are clean in your area. If you didn't know, its dangerous to drive on roads covered in ice. You also used bad grammar again.

1/13/2011 01:56:54

I don't agree with the big idiot thing, but yeah! Ice Cream's right.

1/16/2011 00:11:38

I worked hard and i put down random stuff....so yah?


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