Hello Moonstones! A post from the worst moonstone here: Fluffy! I know, I haven't been posting much lately. I apologize a lot. My schedule has no time for anything except studying and going to extra curricular classes. I can promise you that I almost fainted this weekend because I had no strength. I also know that I have no right to have any excuses, so I'll stop talking about that stuff now. So, how has it been without Fluffy around? Way better than awesome, right? I mean, look at this place, one world: AMAZING!!! I can proudly say that I will post up a story by the end of this week. Even if I'm not posting on the website, it does not mean that I haven't been getting stuff for the website. I will also have a paper doll up by the end of this week and next week. Moving on. The Superbowl was this weekend, and the Giants won! Although I didn't really pay attention to the football part, I was wide awake during the ads part. Of course, with my homework on my lap. My favorite ad was the Doritos ad, what was yours? Also, did you guys know Zaid Ali? Well, to anyone who does not know him, I introduce Zaid! He is hilarious. This is one one of the videos he made. Although it is very "indian", it still has the jokes for you to understand.
So, was it funny? If it wasn't that funny, I'm very sorry. I promise I'll be posting much more. These are my objectives: 1. Post a story every week. 2. Post a paper doll every week. 3. Post every day, if not every other day. If you want me to do anything more, please comment on this, and I will gladly add it on to my list of objectives. For now, tat to all of the amazing moonstones.
Fluffy :)

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