Hey guys,
Fluffy here! Anyway, I had an awesome day today. Yah, I went to SIX FLAGS!! Well, it was with some people from my orchestra group, but I also saw some people from the chorus group too. I went on the Batman, Ninja, All American Screamer, and Mindbreaker (I think, I can't remember the whole name). They are all some scary roller coasters. I'm also tired of all the walking. There was a guy who called us once and said that he saw us for the third time. After, we forgot he was there, so he looked at us and mouthed four also putting his fingers up to four. The fifth time, we walked all the way around, but he saw us and stared at us. He was a real creepo. Also, I went on this kiddi roller coaster, and right when we got on it, something happened and we were stuck in our seats and couldn't get off. We had to wait for the people who worked there to come fix the ride. We finished it and as we were heading out, almost 3/4 of the crowd that was there were gone. They couldn't wait anymore, and that ride took us exactly one hour! We waited almost an hour for Batman. I also saw this guy who looked and acted like the senior version of this other guy. It was funny!!! I hope you guys had an amazing day too. Tomorrow, I'm having more fun! Yay! Tell me, what did you guys do today? What will you do tomorrow? I can't wait to hear fro everyone!


04/17/2011 12:04pm

Do you know what fiasco means? "a total failure, especially a humiliating or ludicrous one" (In Fluffy-understandable language- something bad)

04/17/2011 9:25pm

I do know what fiasco means. I was talking about the bad stuff that happened, wasn't I?


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