Hi guys, Silver here. I just wanted to tell you that my Harry Potter fanfiction (Fame & Fortune: My Secret Life) is rated 'T', which means it is suitable for ages 11 and up because there's a bit of cussing (nothing major, just a little bit, and the characters don't cuss that often, just when I think the moment calls for it). I am just warning you about it beforehand because Lily (my conscience) and Ice Cream told me that this site may have younger viewers, and I don't want my fanfiction to be a bad influence on them. Once again, my Harry Potter fanfiction is rated 'K', and only appropriate for ages 11 and up. Consider yourself warned.

- Hasta Pronto


Ice Cream
04/17/2011 8:28am

It's rated T not K!!!

04/18/2011 1:32pm

K? Where did u get that?


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