Hi guys, its Silver. I've been working on the introduction chapter for my story, and its nearly done. It'll be up today, I promise. My doll is done, but since I don't have a scanner, and don't want to burden Lily, so I'll scan it in at school and put it up after I've edited it, which shouldn't take a lot of time. I hope you like the story I'm about to put up; I asked Lily, and she thinks its a pretty good idea.

I have an offer for all of you, and here it is: I'll put up a contest soon, and whoever wins can request a doll from me (you'll be able to decide her physical description and her wardrobe style) or they can give me an idea for a short story, and I'll write about it. I haven't decided the contest yet, but I'll try to decide as soon as I can.

- Adios!



03/19/2011 7:17pm

I like that idea, Silver!! Put the contest up fast!!

03/20/2011 3:16pm

Thanks Shruti! The contest should be up by Monday afternoon, because I'm going to finalize it with Ice Cream and Lily.


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