Hi everyone, it's... someone. If I was a good girl (Look! I revealed something! I'm a girl!) then I wouldn't be posting right now. But I'm not (don't say anything about that) so I am. Doing the science project presentation with Silver tomorrow, who has gone MIA (so has her flash drive.) I am supposed to be sleeping even though it's not late, but I felt guilty that no one's posted for a while. Well- I'm drawing a Greek style paper doll and abandoning the fairy at the moment. Hope you like it when I post! I was a little disappointed about the lack of commentors on the doll (I know it was bad, but THAT bad?) but our viewer number went up to 73 a few days ago. You know, Liana hasn't posted on her blog for a really long time. :( I'm getting worried, she was going to give us some feedback on the doll. I was looking forward to it. (Again- :() Okay, got to go. Bye! VOTE IN THE POLLS!


01/21/2011 9:00pm

Okay..... What does "MIA" stand for?

01/21/2011 9:34pm

Missing in action. :)


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