Hey, my fabulous admirers.  I am hoping to discuss some important things that have happened lately.  My school got a Harry Potter club! (Finally!)  I may have the option to choose my school next year and I'm torn apart.  Finally, I would like to say I'm very happy about my short stories and I can't wait for my month.  Its going to be ice cream month!  You will be able to find pictures of ice cream and blog posts about ice cream.  I may even write a short story about ice cream; or a few!  I'm totally excited; it wont be for a while though.  Silver is February so she will decorate the site to her desire.  Well, that's all folks!
~ Ice Cream out!



01/30/2011 11:52am

That's so cool, Ice Cream!

01/30/2011 12:33pm

It's much ado over nothing, not much to do about nothing, dummy.

Ice Cream
01/30/2011 6:25pm

I know that! I didn't want to use that as a title, so I used a more modern sounding title.

01/30/2011 6:34pm

Modern sounding? Really?


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