Hey guys!  I'm sorry I haven't been commenting for a while but I've been so busy!  Guess what?  We had so much snow, (and I mean a lot!  More than we have ever had before!) they canceled school for 2 days!  And I mean 2 whole days!  I'm not even sure we'll get back tomorrow.  The only problem is that we will have a shorter spring break! :( Anyways, I don't know if Silver told you this but, we are planning to have  special month where each website creator gets to design the theme! I randomly picked July and guess what?  It happened to be National Ice Cream Month!  I was totally psyched!!!  I think you can guess who wrote this  post from that major clue!  Ciao for now! 



01/11/2011 9:54am

That's cool, Ice Cream!

Ice Cream
01/12/2011 7:56pm

Yay! You guessed right! Well I guess it wasn't that hard, but still Fluffy would be like, Who is she?


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