Hey guys, Silver here! Something totally weird happened today. I was passing by the staircase when I heard a high-pitched voice from the kitchen screaming "Owie!". When I went downstairs to investigate, it turned out to be my 8 year old brother (he turns 9 in three days). I, being the crazy person I am, said to him "I heard someone scream 'owie', and I am gonna assume that was you. Of all the words you could have chosen to emphasize pain, you pick 'owie'? Not even six year old girls use that word! I am supremely concerned for your mental health.". After hearing that, he got ticked, and chased me up into my room. I had to lock myself in to stop him from injuring me (he takes tai-kwon-doe lessons). I am still stuck in my room as I write this blog post. I have no idea how long I'll be stuck in here, but I hope to get out soon because I am starting to get hungry. HELP ME!

- Hasta la Vista


01/15/2011 8:29am

Ha-ha-ha! That's exactly the same thing that my 4 year old sister does. I'm not a dog that she can play with and think it's fun.

Ice Cream
01/15/2011 2:31pm

Serves you right Silver!


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